Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. I'm in Iowa where "harvest" is not just a word but a way of life for many people. All around me are fields that have been harvested. We have not had snow yet, but the days are chilly and crisp.

Please enjoy the two blogs that I have contributed recently to the Hooker Furniture site. Kim Shaver asked me to comment on how to accommodate all the guests for the holiday dinner as well as ways to welcome home college kids. Kim has a way of getting my editor's DNA going. It's fun to think on these topics...and find new ideas for new times.

The Lexington Company is a Swedish-based organization that seems to have it's finger on the American pulse. I thought you'd enjoy their take on Thanksgiving. I think they'd love to have such a holiday. I spent Thanksgiving in England once and was homesick for turkey and all the trimmings. Maybe things are different now with the Brits having embraced so many cuisines from around the world. The Christmas I spent at Michael's Nook in the Lake District did not disappoint. It was just the most wonderful Christmas one could imagine--especially since my husband and son shared it with me.

A final note--read David Brooks in The New York Times about the kind of magazines he thinks might survive today. Seems to me, it was the formula we used to begin Victoria. Let me know what you think--after you've had just the best holiday ever.



  1. Nancy, Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Enjoy your day!

  2. You won't believe this, but I just finished reading the Jenny Walton article in Victoria's November 1993 issue, 'The Londons Come to Dinner'.

    "...the friends and sometimes the strangers we invited to be with us at Thanksgiving were every bit as important as the turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce...."

    I'm heading off to read your guest posts elsewhere.

    Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and yours!

  3. I am hoping the article is right and that there is an "anxious seriousness" in the air. I am not sure I am seeing it yet. All I am see with so many is little sheep following along without thinking for themselves at all.

    I do see that there have been some new, expensive magazines appearing that do have a singular focus such as the Stampington magazines.

    It would indeed be a joy to celebrate a holiday such as Christmas in England. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  4. Dear Friend,

    Enjoy your family, friends and all that the Thanksgiving Holiday brings.

    Shirley (and Cupid)

  5. Happy, happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Nancy! And I hope you share some of the wonders of that Christmas in the Lake District story with us upon your return! Warmly, Karen Marline

  6. I loved Vicctoria mag when you were there. I still have ALL my back issues. :) Still read them once in awhile.... Thanks!

  7. I agree that Brooks could be describing Victoria when he imagines the kind of magazine we need. The absence of politics and celebrities in Victoria was one of the great joys of reading it. I'm still not sure if the fixation on celebrities displayed by "People" and "In Style" is driven by readers or force fed by the publishers but they sure have the ad pages, don't they? Thanks, but I'll stick to my vintage Victorias, books, and thoughtful blogs like yours!

  8. Dear Nancy: I am a writer and own Her Majesty's English Tea Room and miss you at Victoria Magazine. I was going through some very old issues and decided to hunt you up. A Happy Christmas and all best wishes with hopes your future plans will be something we can all enjoy. jacqueline gillam fairchild

  9. Loved the David Brooks article! He is very hopeful- I hope he is right! Yes, when Victoria began, it was exactly that type of magazine. Unfortunately, today it's just a lot of pretty pages without the depth it once had. I still subscribe, but miss the older format.