Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flowering Your Nest This Spring

Lilies at the Karen Blixen House in Denmark.

Can you believe it? We are only weeks away from the coming of spring! After a long winter, we can hardly wait to flower our nests. Before you pick flowers from your own garden, here is some inspiration for creating bouquets from the flower stand in your supermarket or enjoying the beauty of a faux arrangement of everlasting silk flowers. And if you want to dig a bit in the dirt, consider the now very popular hobby of gardening under glass.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Tour the trend-setting Rhapsody furniture collection

Most of us add a new piece or two to our homes each year, change the drapes, or add a coat of paint to the back bedroom. All good moves to freshen homes and spirits. I even get a big dividend from a new accessory such as a centerpiece or a table lamp.

That slow pace of changing furniture at home shifted for me recently, however, because I moved into a new space. Today, I am in the market for a totally new look.

Hooker Furniture’s Rhapsody collection is a good place to begin if you are in this frame of mind. Take a tour of the collection with me!