Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flowering Your Nest This Spring

Lilies at the Karen Blixen House in Denmark.

Can you believe it? We are only weeks away from the coming of spring! After a long winter, we can hardly wait to flower our nests. Before you pick flowers from your own garden, here is some inspiration for creating bouquets from the flower stand in your supermarket or enjoying the beauty of a faux arrangement of everlasting silk flowers. And if you want to dig a bit in the dirt, consider the now very popular hobby of gardening under glass.


  1. love fun plants! these both would make great center pieces

  2. I've been missing your posts, Nancy! I love seeing what you're doing with Hooker Furniture and just life in general, but I would so love to hear more about your days with Victoria. (You should consider writing a book about it...there are still enough of us out here who would love to hear your stories!) I discovered this week that Aude Kamlet has published a book of her illustrations from her Victoria days illustrating the Dear Friends section. I just love when I make a new, "original Victoria" discovery!

    Hope all is well.