Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What have I been up to?

What have I been up to? Former readers of "my" VICTORIA might wonder. Well, the very first thing I did was appreciate the freedom from the monthly schedules. I adored doing the magazine; I loved my staff; I had a great respect for its readers. But I have to admit that I was drained by that ever present due date--and some of the aspects of the business of putting out a magazine.

I was asked by the Unilever Company to consult on a beauty web site for women. It was not a full-time job and my role was to guide web people by some of the tried-and-true principles of print. When I left, hopefully assignment done, I received many thanks "for the wisdom" from the hard-working staff. I learned a lot, too.

Consulting for books, magazines, and companies have continued along the way. One of my good friends and former colleagues wanted me to consider taking over at a major magazine, and if not that, an on-staff editorial directorship. But I have grown accustomed to my freedom and vowed never to take a full-time job again.

One of the special things I have done is to work with the folks at Hooker Furniture to create a collection we called Intimate Home. It was a real challenge, but I had a good time working with designers and sales people on furniture to make homes more welcoming. Furniture collections are like magazines in that they have a "shelf" life. It is no longer available, but I'm very proud of the designs that were well-priced, graceful, and extremely useful. I have several pieces in my own home, and I'll be sharing them with you from time to time.

Right now--I have just finished working on a book about women and their first best friends. I've just seen the first set of proofs and I'm very pleased with them. There are 30 stories from women all over the country, all ages, and many walks of life. Several were members of my VICTORIA family and several incredible women I met as a result of my work on the magazine. I'll let you know when it come out. And soon we will put a cover up here.

I am currently working on a book based on a cache of Civil War letters a former colleague brought to my attention. It's been quite an adventure--and I'll tell you more as it develops. All I knew about the young soldier was the family name he used to sign his letters. I've recreated his life and discovered some amazing things. It's a wonderful quest.

So we have lots to talk about--my VICTORIA life; my consulting; and my books.

Welcome Aboard....


  1. Dear Nancy,

    Thank you for the lovely years you shared your heart through Victoria. There is so much more I would like to say to you but for now please know that you have been truly missed.

    Christy McCullough

  2. I feel like Wee Willie Winkie, running through the town, crying through the locks....I'm so thrilled that your voice will be heard by your many fans. Consider me at the front of the line, waiting to hear your wonderful stories. Welcome back, Nancy, you've been sorely missed!
    Warmly, Karen Marline

  3. Dear Nancy,

    How delighted I was to learn of your new blog and know that your fans will at long last learn what happened to you after you left the helm of Victoria. Like many other women who will no doubt wend their way to your new blog, I continue to re-read those classic old issues and benefit from articles and photographs that are both touching and timeless. I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to quality that resulted in such a legacy of loveliness.

    Welcome back, dear friend!

    Angela McRae

  4. Thank you so very much for starting this blog!

    It is so wonderful to know you are out there.

    I am excited about your Civil War Letters project. I just spend the last six months during linguistic research from Civil War Letters.

    A long time fan,


  5. Hardly anonymous!!! As a friend, a fan and former freelancer at Victoria, (a job I adored) I look forward to your new Blog and uncanny everyday wisdom.
    Bring it on!!!!
    Janet Nelson Harrington

  6. Dear Nancy:

    As a former little girl who loved all things gracious and Victorian, I adored Victoria Magazine under your leadership and vision. You were with me through the enchanted months during which I planned my wedding and decorated my first home as a married woman as well as during my career as publications writer, editor and designed. Your vision has influenced me on so many levels, both personal and professional. I'm delighted you are sharing that vision online now. Thanks to Karen Marline for making me aware of it!


  7. Oh I am so happy to see this! I have loved Victoria magazine & still read the "timeless" beautiful issues. I collect and enjoy reading all of the books published too, from "The Editors of Victoria magazine".I am ever so grateful to have Victoria in my life, & you too Nancy! Hearing about your new blog & now a book written by you, is truly much needed good news for me! I am looking forward to read all of what you write. As always,-Valery Schweitzer

  8. Oh Nancy I feel the breath of VICTORIA has been breathed back into my life finding you here! So many years your magazine held me above water in this modern fast paced world. You brought me a Genteel way of life that has stayed with me, and will forever. I have all of the VICTORIA issues and thank you for the work that you poured into them. They will always live on.
    I have followed your adventures along the way and am so glad you have begun this blog...
    Kindest regards, Karla

  9. Nancy,
    Thank you for Victoria! It's great to know what you're doing now, especially the Civil War project. Best wishes--
    Katherine McCall

  10. I am beyond thrilled to see you here! Victoria was a true phenomenon that can never be recreated and it will be a true pleasure to hear from you again.
    ~Nan Helton

  11. Dear Nancy,
    What great news - I am so glad 'you are back!' I am such a fan and - working in a bookstore - constantly meet up with many of your other fans.

    When your book comes out, please come see us at Hastings Entertainment Store in Newnan, Georgia (we are part of the Hastings chain, started 40-years ago in Amarillo, Texas, and we now have 150 stores). We will treat you graciously when you visit us!

    Keep in touch,
    Joanie Anderson
    email: event123@charter.net

  12. How lovely to see your new blog! Victoria had such an enormous impact on my life and led me to a group of wonderful ladies who have become my best friends! I look forward to hearing about your endeavors since Victoria! Blessings!

  13. Nancy, thank you, thank you! I have all my Victorias and when I really want to find peace and grace, I go back to them. You have been missed and I can hardly wait to read your wonderful books. I have just found nothing that can compare to the beautiful images and words you brought to Victoria. I will be impatiently waiting. Jean blackford56@yahoo.com

  14. Dear Nancy, I was thrilled when my friend Christy shared with me that you now had a blog. Victoria was one of the very best magazines ever. We were a group of Victoria followers, gathered on line, and we grew friendship through your magazine as we waited each month to chat about every page. We were heartbroken when you moved on not believing we were going to lose our VICTORIA, but in the end we were grateful that we would not lose the Bliss we had shared for so long. I want to thank you for bringing us together.

  15. Dear Nancy, I just wanted to say how happy I am that you're back. I have been reading your blog ever since you opened it but I thought my little word of welcome was best placed in reply to this post. When I learned from the yahoo group of your new blog, I immediately sent out emails to all my Victoria friends to let them know. I am so thrilled that a little bit of your Victoria is back among us. I check everyday to see what's new! So welcome back, Nancy, you have been missed.

  16. Dear Ms. Lindemeyer,

    What a sparkling delight to stumble upon your online journal. I was a university student in the early 1990s when my father gifted me with a subscription to Victoria magazine and I still have all the old issues from 1992-onwards, until the time you left as founder/editor. Perhaps you might not be able to read this post from all the mail you receive every day, but I just would like to say that all the Victoria magazines sparked our imaginations and brought a smile to many daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and friends when they were borrowed (and reluctantly returned, in stacks fastened with colorful ribbons). Surviving many travels and moves, those same copies were most recently rescued from the hardwood bookcase just in time before flash floods (from tropical storm Ketsana)rushed into the music room where they were stored... So now they are being re-read, by a whole new generation...