Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Dear Friends,

Welcome to Nancy Lindemeyer's Journal. It's been quite a while since I have addressed an "audience." As editor-in-chief of VICTORIA magazine, it was always the last thing I did before an issue went to press.

Why did I say friends rather than readers? I truly felt that the women who came to the magazine each month and who were responsible for its record-breaking reader response, were indeed that. We were, nearly four million strong, friends because we were of a mind, as my grandmother used to say.

We hoped that each day was going to be the best we could make it. We believed that nice mattered in our lives, in all the meanings of that word. And we wanted to support the people in our world who were working to these ends.

I have missed the opportunity to discuss the things that are important to me. And I have missed the chance to share a great find, a good book, a good person's work. So here we go--a journal from the founding editor's desk. Though now it comes from my solarium office--and I hope I'll hear from you with all of the above, too. That's what dear friends do.



  1. Nancy - so wonderful to hear from you! So glad you have decided to share your life/thoughts with us! I am so looking forward to this! Jamie V in MT

  2. Nancy....what a treat to hear of your journal and what a lovely way to hear your news and stay in touch! Sending abundant wishes your way.
    Cornelia Powell
    (moved from Atlanta last year to the glorious mountains of western NorthCarolina!)

  3. Dear Nancy,

    As someone who has kept all of my Victoria magazines from your "era" and carted them with me through 6 moves, let me be among the first to say that I am thrilled to find you have jumped into the waters of blogging. I still find inspiration from those beautiful pages that you and your team so skillfully crafted together each month. But, the world wide web needs voices of gentility and loveliness, and I am certain in the days to come we will find that and more as we visit here. Thank you for sharing yourself with us once again.

    Christi Bunn

  4. Nancy- I miss my college days while "apprenticing" at Victoria. What an amazing experience for me. I loved working with everyone at Victoria, especially you and Janet. There were so many wonderful experiences like modeling, a night at the Rainbow Room, meeting Madeleine L'Engle and being taxied over to Macy's to see John McEnroe. I could go on and on. Glad to keep up with your endeavors on the blog! Thanks for sharing. Love, Amy

  5. Christi Bunn from over at Charm and Grace gave me a point in your direction. I too have been a pack rat of all my Victoria magazines. No other magazine have I kept least you think I am really eccentric...well maybe a little :)
    As an artist the photos, and layout of that magazine were truly magical for me. I built a Victorian farm house based on the influence of Victoria. I have since moved and migrated into other styles. Though I can't seem to completely deny a touch of the romance from underlying my new style tastes.
    Matter of fact a shop you featured "Nest Feathers" from Richland WA, has still been in business locally with a vamped up style that has continued to influence. Looking forward to visiting your blog.

    Cindy Rutherford

  6. I'm super excited to have stumbled onto your blogspot! I've been looking for more work of yours with no luck but now I've found you again.

    I'm still in love with Victoria and go to the local library to visit the old editions in the microfishe section. Needless to say, it's not the same but I'm still inspired again.

    Yes, there are other magazines but I still miss and love the Victoria of my past.

    So very nice to be able to see and read about you again.


    Michelle of dogwoodthunder.blogspot.com

  7. I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog! I still have so many of my old Victoria magazines and I really regret getting rid of the early years during one of my many moves! I still enjoy pulling out my old Victorias...it was such a timeless magazine!

  8. I have lots of old Victoria magazines that I love looking through! I'm thrilled that you're blogging and look forward to being a regular visitor!


  9. It's gray and cloudy this afternoon, so what better way than to curl up with some of my old Victoria magazines.... after I browse for a bit on your site.

    It's such a pleasure to come and visit -- and to know you are 'around here somewhere' where we can catch glimpses of you and your writings again.

    Somehow knowing that makes me feel like that which was 'lost' has been found. And my heart is at rest... and happy!

  10. Hello Nancy!

    I'm so happy to read your personal blog. I imagine you in your solarium office... with many flowers and colors.

    I'm a regular reader of Victoria Magazine: my treasures.

    I'll come back soon.

    Au revoir!

    Anne ;-)
    Québec City (Canada)

    Website: http://famillegerdel.canalblog.com/

    Psitt: I'm french. Excuse my bad english!