Thursday, February 6, 2014

Romantic Ideas for Rose Lovers

Romantic roses & delicious sweets-the perfect combination!

Roses take center stage as Valentine’s Day approaches. But my favorite flower is never out of fashion, whether with the sophistication of a single blossom or in profusion in a bouquet. Roses are ever popular as a motif in fabrics and wallpapers. And as gardens are now dormant in most of our climes, you can still bring the luxury of a rose garden to your life. Tarry here for lovely ideas.


  1. What a beautiful confection. :-) I love when people take the time to make such lovely creations for a celebration. :-)

  2. Lindo trabajo Nancy maravillosa torta me encanta su decoraciòn romàntica,abrazos.

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    Elayne Taylor
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  4. Nancy, on your Profile page for this blog, the link to your website goes to the website for a Paul Lindemeyer, and I don't think that is correct, is it??? This is the link to your Profile page: (or just check out your profile).

  5. The cake is a beauty! I love roses...a garden full of those wonderful plants would be a paradise!!

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