Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Case for Pillows

In my newest blog for Hooker Furniture, I talk about some ways to make pillows your best decorating friend. Take a read and let me know what you think!



  1. I absolutely adore pillows. My friends have even tried to put me on a pillow-buying ban at various times. I find them to be a finishing touch for nearly every room. They're also quite easy to change out with seasons and moods. :)

  2. Hello Nancy, I just found your blog by trying to find you on Google... I am such a fan of Victoria, when YOU were the editor, and am trying to complete my set of magazines from 1987~2000 after loaning several out and not getting them back... is it possible for you to email me at so I can email you back and if you don't mind, ask you about certain dates some issues came out? I could not think of any other way to find out... I so wish you were still editing that magazine! I felt like I lost my best friend when you left... wishing you a beautiful Autumn day... Julie Marie

  3. Nancy, I've been thinking about pillows of late... I was looking for something new to perk up my bedroom and my tiny sitting/living room. So I'll pop over to Hooker Furniture and read your posting.

    Julie Marie, like you I was and am still a fan of our classic Victoria magazine. and felt that same you as you when Nancy left as editor.

    I do have some extra copies of a few issues, if that might help you complete your collection. You are welcome to contact me - my email is in the profile in you click on my name above.

  4. Dearest Nancy!

    How I've loved your magazine through the years. It has been a source of inspiration and love and has strengthened an already strong bond between me and my mother.

    When I was a young woman, about 17 years old, there was a feature in the June 1989 Victoria about Priscilla Kidder, founder of Priscilla of Boston. Somehow, I remembered that and pulled it out for today's blog post.

    Our current economy has unfortunately become the demise of the great bridal house, Priscilla of Boston. I am writing to you to ask that you visit my blog in the near future to see the tribute to your magazine and Mrs. Kidder.

    You championed the progress of ladies the world over and you have been a hero of mine since I was a girl. Many Thanks,
    Gwen Akacin

  5. NANCY WHERE ARE YOU? Sorry for shouting, but I miss reading your blog. Did I miss your changing to another blog? Please come back or better yet, start another magazine like Victoria. You were the reason we all loved it!