Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Rebirth of Craftsmanship

Happy Saturday!

I'm excited to share my latest blog entry for Hooker Furniture with you: The Rebirth of Craftsmanship.



  1. That's a fabulous little chair!
    The sweet shape and scale make it perfect for just about anywhere!
    I have just had a table skirt and a window treatment done in this very fabric!
    It's so fun!
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  2. I would feel so happy sitting on this wonderful chair!

  3. Authenticity is definitely the word for this wonderful chair and is seen in so many places where we are being encouraged to buy from the locale farmer or vendor.

  4. I absolutely love this chair. It's wonderful to see people turning again to good craftsmanship.

  5. When I visited the Hooker furniture site back in February after reading your post... these pieces, and in particular this chair, immediately caught my eye. I love the fabric with writing in different font styles -- almost like different calligraphic fonts -- and I LOVE the shape of the chair and the flourish of the skirt... such a classic piece, yet refreshingly new. Thank you for sharing the Hooker collection with us.


  6. I had been perusing your blog posts and the beautiful photo pulled me in here,
    then I was off to read your blog entry for Hooker Furniture
    The Rebirth of Craftsmanship.

    Well done, on all accounts !

    Thank you Nancy, It has been a joy to visit your world.