Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where are they now?

Here's your chance to catch up with Kim Freeman. Kim is such a talented designer, and Victoria was so fortunate to have her as a contributing editor. When I am in Westchester, Kim is a neighbor and we get a chance to have lunch or tea and catch up. She has developed a wonderful design portfolio--and here's your chance to enjoy and learn a thing or two. I always do when I watch her work.

Kim, by the way, did many of the Favorite Things sections...they were always special, imaginative, an inspirational.

For the rest of the summer, I'm going to be off-blog. (Is there such a word?) I hope you all enjoy days like the ones Kim portrayed in Victoria's summer camp pages. I'll be back after Labor Day when I may have news about a new endeavor.

And for those of you who enjoyed MY FIRST BEST FRIEND, pass the word about how wonderful this relationship is and how others might enjoy the book. Soooo hard to break through all the media noise with good stories like these.



  1. Enjoy your time away!

    I still pull out my old copies of Victoria and enjoy those wonderful pages, so I'll go look for Kim's summer camp stories

  2. Have a lovely time! Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure when you return.

    I am enjoying a little break as well and have had the opportunity to enjoy some of my collection of Victoria Magazines. Great Summer hammock reading!

    Mary Jane

  3. Enjoy your time off, Nancy...but what I want to know about Kim is....what does her kitchen look like now? Is it still patterned after the charming one in Practical Magic? Oh, how I loved that whole layout, when she opened her kitchen to us, after having fallen in love with the bewitching kitchen in that wonderfully fun, romantic movie (which I still watch, annually, on, of course, Halloween!)!
    Thanks for linking us to best to her!
    Love, Karen Marline

  4. I finally got the DVD movie,"Practical Magic"-to watch over and again.- I too, am wondering if Kims Kitchen is still designed to look like the one in the movie? I still love that Kitchen in the movie and the pics of Kims too, in victoria magazine. It is timeless! I really love the entire Victorian home that the movie was filmed in-- wish it was not torn down- what a pity,it was so beautiful!-xo-Valery

  5. I'm missing you and hoping all is well.



  6. Nancy,
    I am trying to contact you. I'd like to via email. Is there some way that I can? I have a blog of my own, and would very much like to interview you for it if at all possible.
    You can reach me through my blog, or via email at
    Kristina Hunt

  7. Nancy,
    What a delight to find your blog! I began reading Victoria when I was 12, and have been a devoted fan for years, so it's so refreshing to find your corner here on the web. Kim did some amazing work for Victoria, and her design portfolio is charming.
    Wishing you a lovely start to fall!

  8. Missing your Posts so much, Nancy!- Hoping all is well with you?--

    Last week I found another gorgeous publication of the "Victoria Classics,-Holiday Bliss"-omg, it has such a beautiful cover, and only read a few pages so far-{the Fall & Thanksgiving Holiday}--& seems wonderful so far. Photo's again from your Victoria,Nancy!-

    We drove to Lake Tahoe on Saturday, just to see the Fall colors and relax. I took along two October Victorias to enjoy along the way.--October 1996 & 1997.-Had such a relaxing time reading them & glancing at all the Fall splendor in the Sierra mountains was just what I needed. xo-Valery