Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Book Tour Begins

The first stop on my summer book tour is in Rochester, New York on June 15. First, I'll be happy to see my friend Karen and catch up. Then, after we have a chatty dinner, I hope to meet My First Best Friend fans at the Barnes & Noble at Pittsford Plaza. I'll be there from 7 to 9. Do come if you can, or get the word to family and friends in the area.

Karen, by the way, has a charming story in the book. It is about two little girls who play dolls together, but when you read between the lines--it's a lot more about the very basic nature of feeling that one belongs. Tune in at 7:15 to WHAM-TV the morning of June 15: I'll be talking to Mike on the morning show. Bet he'll ask me about Rochester's Karen.

Writing, as everyone knows, can be lonely. But when one has a finished book, it's getting out to meet "the folks" that provides a special thrill. After Rochester, I'm off to Minneapolis for a signing at The Galleria in Edina on June 23, then Ames, IA on June 26, and Des Moines, IA on June 27.

My friend Coleen says she's got quite a crew coming to the signing at the Barnes & Noble at Jordan Creek in West Des Moines. I'll take her at her word as Col comes from a large family and has five great kids of her own. Mike, the eldest, just left for a third tour in Iraq. Just before deployment, he married Katie, who is to be congratulated with a brand new law degree. I wasn't able to make the wedding, but I am looking forward to meeting Mike's bride. And speaking of weddings, Col is chronicled in my book Jenny Walton's Packing for a Woman's Journey. It's quite a tale of love on many levels. When I looked at the pictures of Mike and Katie on their happy day, I couldn't help seeing his beautiful mom in her ankle length dress carrying a bouquet of flowers touched with gold--brought from New York to Des Moines by friend and designer Suzy Taylor. (Suzy is the Suzy of The Kemplar Street Gang in MFBF.)

Yes, writing can be lonely. But fortunately, my writer's life has been populated with so many friends and familiar faces and stories. They have enriched my life and hopefully, through my writing, the lives of many others.

While on the road, I'll try to blog as much as possible. But at the very least, I'll save up tales for when I return. Hopefully, some of you will have your own when I come to your town. And I'd still like to get reviews of My First Best Friend here--or on Amazon or one of the other internet book sellers. It's good to know what reactions the book engenders.

Until then, Kitty Foyle will keep the home fires burning...

For more details on Nancy's book tour: http://myfirstbestfriend.com/events.html


  1. And Rochester can't WAIT to host you. This is a thrill for me, Nancy, to show you my town, even fleetingly. When I started reading Victoria, I never dreamed that one day, you'd come to visit my lovely hometown. Wonders never cease, as Mom used to say!
    Kitty Foyle looks perfectly content, as should be!
    Love and a hearty "welcome!" to you! See you in a week!
    Love, Karen Marline

  2. Glad to see a new post- and to hear that you are o.k.- just real busy! I am so hoping I can meet you in Person soon!

    I have a very Dear Friend who just had open Heart Surgery - I had sent her a few Victoria magazines for her to enjoy as she rests. She is just glued to them, and loves them. It feels so good to be able to share your beautiful magazine and books. Honestly, they are very healing. Many women I know have been helped so much by reading Victoria. I couldn't be more thankful for a magazine!

    I adore the picture you posted on here of your Cat- LOL-lots of us often say when we see a picture of something beautiful- we say-"Now that is "Victoria worthy"!!--which is of course the highest honor!-Love,Valery

  3. Kitty Foyle does look like the keeper of the homesite.

    Oh please come west to Portland, Oregon. I would love to meet you on your book tour. Have a delightful tour.

  4. Dear Nancy,

    Do you ever feel like you swing back and forth between being very outgoing busy and craving to be a quiet hermit? Aren't both sides lovely - especially after a lot of one or the other? Well, I hope that you have a smooth and flourishing trip.

    I enjoyed your last post - I seem to have missed it before - I can't wait to look at some of your links and your favorite house. Nancy Lindemeyer - a lady who's seen so many beautiful ideas and places pass by her eyes - her favorite home.... intriquing! =]

    I've had my very own copy of your book for well over a month, now. I've, also, had 9 ADORABLE and precious golden retriever puppies running me off my feet. I don't mind, though, but I am wandering around like a zombie. All this to say that I loved your first opening bit about your first friend. It was really wonderful. It walked a lovely fine line between vulnerability and touching remembrances and not gushing but really great content. I can't wait to read the rest. Three puppies have gone to their new homes in the last two days and, hopefully, the rest will all be adopted this weekend. I don't want them to go but I want my life back. Can't wait to spend some quiet time reading a book instead of snatching moments between chasing poky little puppies!

    I wish you well with all of your travels!

    Katy Noelle

  5. I like your job Nancy. Wish you all the Best.

  6. Wish you were flying south for the summer! I would love to see you in Birmingham. I know this post is fairly old and that you have probably made the rounds by now. I had plans to have read your book by now, but my life has taken a different turn. I am now lucky enough to have my mother- and father-in-law living with me for the next few weeks. They put their house on the market at the end of May, within the first week had two people look at it, and the first to look made an offer. They closed on it July 2nd. We have had a busy month getting them ready for their move, getting our house ready for them to move in, packing and unpacking... and all of this while keeping up with commissioned artwork. Some of this has really put me in mind of your first book. I think of the stories you tell of extended family dwelling together (for the most part) in peace. It is a blessing to have such wonderful in-laws. They are so deferential to us and the "way we do things." They are so unwilling to impose, while at the same time bringing their love, wisdom, and generosity into our immediate family of five. This is a temporary situation, as they will be moving on to a new place in a few weeks. But, we are richer for the experience of having them here. And who knows but what we'll have them here again in the future.