Monday, October 19, 2009

Something to Slip Into

A fuddy duddy virtue--comfy footwear. I see women in the city trying to reach the heights in high, high heels. It's called fashion, darlings, and as my grandmother used to say, "It hurts to be beautiful." Maybe their feet don't hurt, but there has to be a treacherous pothole or sidewalk crack that takes revenge on a too thin heel.

Today, I read that runway models are slipping into $350 leather flats from NewbarK Slippers. I have nothing against the savvy women who came up with the idea that one could carry comfy flat footwear for getting from place to place. In fact, I am highly in favor of it. However, for those of us in more down-to-earth spheres and with pocketbooks that scream at such an expenditure, I have a fuddy duddy suggestion--Daniel Green.

Not too long ago a friend of mine complained about having to go to a formal event where she'd have to stand for a long time and her feet always hurt under such circumstances. I directed her to Zappos and Daniel Green slippers as a solution. "Daniel Green?" she questioned in astonishment. "My dad used to send me to Lord and Taylor every Christmas to buy my mother a new pair. How could I possibly wear them to this event?" She did take my suggestion and found a nice pair of velvet flats at a price of about $40.

Daniel Green are no longer your mother's Christmas slippers. (Although if you are looking for such a pair, you'll find them at this old reliable company.) They have, however, anticipated the need for nice-looking and sometimes, rather "hip," footwear.

Recently, they've been offering an indoor/outdoor option. I love driving in mine and then popping into the supermarket. I wouldn't suggest a long hike on a rough road. Confession: I am almost an addict and maybe went overboard in the number I have. I'm often asked, "Where did you get your shoes?" I have to admit--they are my slippers--but my prince charming ones because when they "kiss" my toes, I feel like Cinderella.

I have absolutely no financial motive for passing along my "favorite things" slippers. I just want all my friends to know that its very chic to do so on those days when high heels might slow you down. By the way, what happened to the women who were wearing or carrying running shoes with them? Is that over? Fuddy Duddy better get busy on this now non-trend. At least the girls in heels don't knock you down on the way to the train--they have to go slowly. Those running-shoe types can be dangerous with the speed they travel.

And, oh, I have nothing against high heels. They are beautiful, and I love that. Some of them are almost like sculptures. Fortunately, statues aren't on the move on busy streets. Now, you've been blessed to slip into something comfortable when you're on the run. NewbarK or Daniel Green or your own discovery. Pass it on!


  1. I'm so loving your blog, keep them coming. I will definitely love to know more of your favourite things, especially coming up to the Holidays.

  2. I am addicted to slippers too. Fortunately, we have a little shop in town (Wickford, RI) that sells all kinds of lovely slippers and reasonably priced too. I even bought a very nice pair of bunny slippers there that are not too babyish and look charming with my pajamas. My favorite slippers right now are a pair of pink rosebud Daniel Greenes and my cream wool felted slides (warm) from Garnet Hill. I think slippers are an affordable luxury, like lipstick, that can really make a difference in tough times.


  3. I am so excited. I must find Daniel Green slippers, they sound perfect.

  4. I love reading your blog, Nancy, but Daniel Green?

  5. I only wish they crafted the cozy ones in my size. It's not easy being a women's size 12...oh, the torment of seeing darling, comfy shoes in sizes only up to 10 or 11~ !

    I'm so glad you shared this nice little post, Nancy. Now, off to find a reasonable facsimilie in 12s!

    Warmly, Bigfoot Karen Marline

  6. Nancy, what a warm, fuzzy post! I wore heels for several years for work, but now love putting my feet into the low, feel-good slippers. My favorite is a pair of black velvet from Coldwater Creek. Unfortunately I had a slight accident down our steps and broke a bone in my foot earlier. It stayed so swollen until recently the only thing I could wear was house slippers. A friend recommended a company called Merrell and this weekend I found a wonderful pair in Nashville. From the moment I put them on I found heaven on my feet. They not only feel good, but they even make my feet look smaller. I am completely hooked.

    I think the new trend is the fuddy duddy look of comfort, but with a vintage twist. I am going to have to look into Daniel Green, but know I won't find them in my small hometown.

    Thanks for giving us the smiles for today.

  7. Dear Nancy- I am reading and enjoying all of your posts- about slippers- I always carry a pair of Isotoner flats-slippers in a little satin bag in my purse- I think I have about every color in rainbow- and often take of my shoes and slip them on when I go visiting, or on long drives , or whenever I feel the need for some extra comfort. I wear them in a small or 5&1/2-6 1/2. I am lucky as these are usually on sale in a small. I have some similar in velvet to match my favorite black lounging jumsuit and in White Terry cloth that matches my Spa robe and a terrycloth lounge outfit. Many times I will even run into a store with my comfy slippers on- they are washable, yet have a thin layer of rubber on the bottom of them.

    I can't stand wearing flip- flop slippers as I have tripped because of wearing them.{they are dangerous}Ha!

    The black velvet flats you have pictured here look just like the Isotoner kind I wear! Are those the "Daniel Green"ones in a new ,more modern version? xo-Valery

  8. Nancy - I am so happy to see your blog. I cannot tell you how much I loved your work on Victoria and how it impacted my life in many, many ways. It makes me very happy to "see" you again although my laptop isn't as easy to cuddle up in bed with as a book or magazine.

    As to the shoe subject I have a pair of Geox ballet flats that I adore. I bought them for a trip to Japan and have pretty much worn them out. I walk a ton and shoes usually only last me 6 months, these ones have lasted one and a half years. They were a little pricy for me $140 CAD but definitely worth it in the long run. I am definitely going to check out the Daniel Green's although I am not sure they have them here in Canada.

    Thanks again for your lovely blog!!!

  9. My mother had a pair of royal blue slides from Daniel Green and a satin robe to match. I seem to recall slender rose piping on both the robe and the shoes. But the memory plays tricks and so does the imagination. It was the 1960s, but these slippers seemed to me to belong to a wealthy matron of the late 1920s, a woman who lived mostly in the city, enjoying all the urban pleasures I then deemed highly sophisticated, like Chinese food, stage plays and martinis. I still buy shoes because of the images they suggest.