Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dear Friends,

When I was editing Victoria magazine, the historian/archivist in me always set aside a number of issues to be sent to my Iowa home for safe keeping. I did not really have any specific purpose at the time. My assistant Helen could be a bit erratic in the number of issues she sent: Sometimes there were six issues and sometimes 50!  I smile now coping with these packages, each one a surprise.

For some years no, all of those issues have been in storage. Recently, it came to the attention of the Schlesinger Library at Harvard that I was harboring this collection and they asked to have one issue of all the ones I have. And so, we have been delving into the storage unit (by we I mean my husband, son, and me) and assembling Victorias by year. The magazines will be archived by the library for
the women's studies program at the university.

Since we were doing this for Harvard, we searched for other libraries that would benefit from having access to the magazine. As of now, we are happily sending collections to Hofstra University, The Yaphank Historical Society (Long Island, NY), The Brumback Library (Van Wert, Ohio), and the University of Connecticut.

What to do with the rest of the issues? We are working with an organization for literacy for some of the many remaining issues--they distribute them to organizations that benefit from the donation of magazines.

Victoria brought pleasure to many of its readers. And now through the archiving at libraries, new generations will have access to it. It makes me particularly happy and I trust the readers who supported the magazine so faithfully are indeed proud as well. We send the magazine off with the chant that greeted Queen Victoria on the event of her diamond jubilee: You've done it well.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I love the Schlesinger Library. I had a job archiving photos to send there for a lovely Boston non-profit. Nancy, I have every issue but the premier. I cherish every issue and couldn't be happier to know Schlesinger is taking them.

  2. Dear Nancy, thank you for the fine and beautiful work you poured into every Victoria magazine!! I have also kept as many issues as I could, and have the second one that came out in the beginning. Nothing compares to those wonderful pages filled with gorgeous pictures, ideas, and stories. They added a special joy to my afternoons when I was a new mom. For all of we; 'arm chair travelers' -England could 'come to us' and I sure appreciated that!! Thanks for the goodness of your creativity. ♡
    God bless, Teresa.
    (From Oregon, and now Idaho. :)

  3. Dear Nancy,

    It is great to hear that like so many of your readers, you recognized the value in keeping a collection of the Victorias you worked on. How wonderful that they are going to libraries. For so many of us, our collections are a source of continuing joy. I still lack two, but am receiving a box very soon that I hope may contain them. I hope that the ones you saved will find new audiences as they are disbursed among these institutions. It is great to see your blog post and particularly one that is Victoria-related. I am blogging on my personal blog so much less these days, and I just happened by there this morning (your blog feed shows up on my blog when you post something new). I was so glad to see that you had posted this. (On my personal blog I am averaging a whopping 1 post per year, since part of my job is blogging for my clients.) Good to see you still talking about your Victoria days and how your work on her is still having an impact on people's lives.


  4. Dear Nancy, you did a wonderful job. I subscribed and have preserved all the early years of the magazine issues. It was and remains a treasure, esp Toshi Otsuki's photographs. BTW you need to delete the multiple spam comments.

  5. Nancy, that is wonderful! Thanks to an older friend who started with you at the beginning, I have all the issues by buying them at her auction. I treasure them and yes, I love Toshi Otsuki's photographs too. When we go on trips I pull out issues to take with me.

  6. Hello Nancy,
    I'm so glad to find your Journal. Reading the comments from faithful readers brings back some great memories. Writing for Victoria was a dream come true for someone who started her writing career a little later in life than most. Being part of your beautiful vision is something I still treasure. Everything from Toshi's photography, Claire Whitcomb's writing, Debby Beaulieu's friendship, and the heartfelt letters from readers, to interviewing women entrepreneurs and writing copy on all the beautiful places to visit -- it was such an adventure. Isn't it time to start another amazing magazine? Best wishes, Terry

  7. As a long time fan of the classic Victoria and you, as its founding editor, I am thrilled to learn of this news.

    I have every issue (with numerous copies of various issues) and still treasure them very much.

    Best wishes...

  8. That is great to have the magazine stored in libraries.

  9. I hope that someone creates a bibliography for the content. I have a number of issues, and it takes time to go back and find a remembered article!

  10. Nancy, I've been re-reading "Staying in Touch," and it has reminded me of what a gracious world you brought us with "Victoria." Since I don't have a snail-mail address for you, I'm forced to send you my gratitude with a keyboard. I miss the magazine and your lovely touch.

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  14. And decades later, some of us are still reading them, savoring them, and thanking the Good Lord for sending you to Victoria (or was it the other way around?) for all those happy years!

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